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A small pink calf skin leather leatherbag , with natural bamboo handle and an open top. Designed and made in Italy. Can be wear as a cross body bag, with a detachable leather strap. A spacious interior lined with microfibre. Including a phone pocket. This compact bag is 10.5"W x 8.5"H x 5"D. Weighing 1.3 kg.

My reasoning for purchasing this bag was because although it is small, i can still fit in my daily essentials, phone, wallet, iPad and keys. Another reason for my purchase was because it is hand crafted, in Italy, with the finnest leather and fittings. You are able to shop at numerous outlets, as well as online (e.g. Net-a-porter and Matches Fashion). The online stores gave free shipping and a 5% discount on your very first purchase, but only at certain times of the year. There is also the option of a same-day delivery service, with the cost of $25, within the Sydney Metropolitan area. Another reason of why i chose this bag, and not a different competitor, was the elegant, bamboo handle which no other brand offered. Although the high price of $2, 390 applied i still chose this product as i think it would be a long lasting purchase. With a life long repair on fittings, e.g. zippers, handles etc.I made my purchase at the closest GUCCI store to me, which was Westfield, Sydney City. The reason behind purchasing my good at a store is because i wanted to go through the full experience of buying this luxury item in person. I wanted to make sure it was the right size, colour and feel. My other option was buying online from Net-a-porter. My reasoning for not purchasing this good online was i is started to do some research on the online shopping/delivery policies. If i would of had enough time to wait for my goods, then buying online would of been a perfect option. However, i did not have days to spend waiting for it, i wasn't going to be home between the delivery times. Since i have now made my first luxury purchase, next time i will be confident enough to buy it online. The original reason of why i considered buying this online was:

-reputable online store.

-24/7 shopping.

-able to track my product after purchasing.

-good return policies.

-free shipping promotions a few times a year.

My choice of payment for this purchase was between my credit card or debit card. Paying with credit card means that I could buy your product on the spot, but you would have to pay back the bank later and would receive an additional surcharge; and i didn't want to receive those fees. Thats why my final choice of payment was by debit card. Purchasing goods with a debit card is just like paying with cash, you don' have any extra fees. But paying with debit cards means that if you don't have enough money on your card then you cant just simply purchase your item.

After a few days the stitching on the side of my bag started to come undone. I immediately went back to the store and they had it repaired and delivered it to my home with no cost incurred.

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Handbag- Gucci nymphaea leather top handle bag:



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