The origin of English
The origin of English

Around 500 A.D. The Anglo-Saxons came to the British Isles, their Germanic language became the foundation for what we today call Old English. 300 years after the Anglo-Saxons came to the British Isles the Vikings started raiding England and in 1066 A.D. the Normans invaded the country.

The spread of the English language

In the late 16th century there were about only 6 million people speaking English. When the British started started building colonies in different parts of the world they introduced English for communicating. Gradually over time it became a lingua franca (common language) in the world. In modern day most colonies have English as an official language alongside other languages.

In the 20th century the American influence on the world grew a lot, therefore it helped spreading the English language throughout the world with things like, Hollywood, television, etc.

World Wide languagE

English in the modern day is now the first language to about 400 million people and the second lanuage to at least 1.4 billion people. English is lingua franca in different fields of work like, business, technology, politics and plenty of military operations.


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