Securing the Future Governor Ned lamont and dominion energy

Marking 100 days in office the week of April 15, Governor Ned Lamont visited the Millstone nuclear power station in Waterford. The facility is owned and operated by Dominion Energy.

As part of the governor's energy and economic development policy of open doors, constructive dialogue, and creative solutions; Lamont, Dominion Energy, and the state's two major utility companies recently came to an agreement that will keep Millstone in operation for at least another ten years.

The achievement is critically important to southeastern Connecticut - where the future of 1,500 jobs is at stake, the state of Connecticut as a whole, and the entire New England region - which gets much of its base load power from Millstone.

L-R: Governor Lamont, Dominion Energy Chairman and President Thomas F. Farrell II, Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz.

In the current energy environment, nuclear power plants around the country have been forced to close prematurely because their tremendous environmental benefits are not recognized by the market. This is unfortunate because they are and continue to be the most reliable suppliers of carbon free power throughout the history of their operation in this country.

After several years of difficult negotiations over the future of Millstone, upon taking office, Governor Lamont directed his commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and others in his administration, to seek a solution that would preserve jobs, protect the local economy, and keep Connecticut on track to reach its emission reduction goals.

Millstone provides around-the-clock, zero-carbon, fuel-secure electricity that meets more than half of Connecticut’s electricity needs. Millstone employees have contributed more than 25,000 volunteer hours in their community since 2013 and have made more than $12 million in charitable donations since 2002, including funding for a scholarship program at Three Rivers Community College.

Millstone is Waterford’s top employer and taxpayer, representing 35 percent of the tax base and paying $29.7 million in local taxes.

Clockwise: Sen. Paul Formica with Dan Stoddard, SVP Dominion Nuclear Operations, DEEP Commissioner Katie Dykes, Lt. Gov. Bysiewicz with Sen. Norm Needleman, Lamont meets with Millstone employees.

In addition to the agreement between Dominion Energy and the state's major utilities, Lamont was able to secure a commitment from all of New England's governors to create a new mechanism to properly value the contribution of nuclear power to the region's electric grid.

The Millstone power station has been in operation for over 40 years.

It was once the site of three full time reactors. Although only two reactors remain in operation, Dominion Energy has been able to produce more power with two reactors than three through efficient operation and modernization.

Gov. Lamont tours Millstone with Millstone site VP John Daugherty

Under Dominion Energy's ownership, the Millstone station has been recognized as being among the safest, most efficient nuclear power plants in the world.

Gov. Lamont and Sen. Needleman inside the Millstone control room.

Governor Lamont and the leadership of Dominion Energy are in agreement on the importance of nuclear power to the New England states and have pledged to keep working together to ensure nuclear energy plays a vital role in the region's green energy future.

© Dominion Energy 2019


© Dominion Energy 2019

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