Solutionary Project KElly, Robbie, Amy, & Hannah

Have You ever been Unprepared for class and had To Scrounge around for a pencil?

Our mission Statement

There are populations of students and teachers at Westwood high who either lack necessary supplies, or are unable to keep them organized, and readily available to use; our team will work to create boxes of various items of supplies accessible (by sign out process) in every classroom in the school, so students and teachers are prepared for their classes.


We sent out a survey to both faculty and students on our project to assess the need for supplies in WHS

Teacher Results

44 total responses

Student Results

220 total responses

Our goals

  • Create a survey
  • Take inventory
  • Select necessary supplies and materials
  • Make and design the boxes
  • Distribute boxes throughout the school

Action steps

--> We will create a brief survey to be emailed out to all students and teachers to get an idea of what supplies are in most demand at the high school

Some of the suggestions students gave

--> Talk to Mr. Bevan or Mrs. Haberman and see who would be best to contact about leftover supplies, potentially getting new materials


--> Determine what materials need to be in each classroom, a sign out system for the materials possibly

--> We will find out what classrooms most need the boxes and whether or not we will put the boxes in the office of each department or in a few classrooms

We will be making boxes for Mrs. Testa, Wilson, Harackiewicz, and De Leon

--> We need to figure out what we want to store the items in, either make them or buy plastic holders. We also want to decorate/make the boxes appealing. Also, we need to determine what to put in the boxes - this will be dependent on the teacher's department.

Our Own Personal Experiences


  • Eliminate the time wasted searching for supplies at the beginning of class
  • Allow students to always feel prepared
  • De-stress for teachers whose students never have a pencil or the right supplies


Created with images by Poison_Ivy - "painting school color" • joslex - "pencil pencils eraser" • PublicDomainPictures - "artistic bright color" • padrinan - "green art wood" • AlexanderStein - "paperclip clip office" • PublicDomainPictures - "artistic bright color" • stevendepolo - "School Supplies Pencils Erasers August 07, 20103" • Poison_Ivy - "school supplies color painting"

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