Rin island the greatest island ever!

The islands streets

In the year 2087, mecha trump built random pillars and a ladder to the sky, 1,005 years later zombie Elvis and cyborg Jackson built a land over the pillars and ladder for week through week, year from year. The day they finished is the day mecha trump went missing.

The type of gov is democratic. My country is located in between mexico and Ireland. It is on the border of the Arctic ocean and Atlantic ocean. The normal climate goes from polar, to tropical, every year. The average temp of year 3092 is 21* F, or 92* F for 3098. There is 1 waterfall falling down to the Atlantic ocean.

The executive branch aka the Bonsond branch, can vote, veto laws, and suggest laws. But the bonsond branch can't vote for someone opposite of the bonsond leader, veto their own laws, or suggest laws about violence. The legislative branch is actually the yukiookumura branch, can make laws about violence, gun laws, and sidearm laws. They can't have contact with their family, they can't veto laws, or make laws about wepons (besides gun rights) The last branch is the judicial branch, aka the oamaru branch. They can make bibles, pray on a bible, go to church. They can't not worship god, use gods name in vane, or damage a bible. Christianity things.

The bondsond branch has 50% of the power, while the others have 25%. The rinflame holds the power for the country. The rinflame can decide to take you off the island or keep you on.

One of the major issues is that many planes fly by and they are scared that one of the planes could miss a turn and hit the pillars. Also, the people are scared of falling off, they are trying to create force fields, but force fields take many years to make.

This is Rin island in 3100

What to know: People who live in Rin island love anime, they mostly love Ao no exorcist. (Blue exorcist.) It is a law that if you are caught watching any dragon ball that isn't kai, you will have to listen to Justin Beiber without voice editing. The people of Rin island can speak Japanese and English, and most people have Irish accents. The people of the island speak Japanese because Rin speaks Japanese.

And remember, ANIME IS REAL!


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