Emma L EXplorers

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was an English Explorer. He lived from 1565-1611. He discovered Nova Scotia. He went on four voyages and failed them all. There are more body's of water named after Hudson than anyone else. We do not know what Hudson looks like.

Henry went on four voyages in his entire life. In his first voyage Hudson sailed along the coast of Greenland and reached Spitsbergen. Ice forced him to turn back. Hudson tried agin on the same path but, ice blocked him agin. In Hudsons third voyage he changed course and headed for North America.

Hudson went through Hudson strait that led to Hudson Bay. He failed finding a cut through and was forced to stay there for winter. Hudson and his crew suffered from hunger, cold, and disease. After the winter passed Hudson wanted to keep going but his crew put Henry and loyal crew members in a tiny boat and they were never seen agin.

Vasco Nunez de Balboa

Vasco was born in 1475 and died in 1519. Vasco was an explorer who had reached the Pacific Ocean. Many people wanted to to reach the Pacific Ocean but, they did not have enough money. Balboa went on an expedition to South America. He got in dept and had to flee to a ship going to San Sebastián.

Balboa arrived at the settlement and discovered most people had been killed. So he convinced the rest to move to th western side of the western side of the Gulf of Urba. Balboa became governor of the settlement.

In 1513

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