Myrtle Beach Ocean drive; By: Baylee davis

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a destination for relaxation. Many people come from all over the United States to visit this Beach in SC. Myrtle Beach is known for a variety of things like: golf, fishing, food, family, and fun.

This hotel in the background is known as the Crown Reef Resort. The hotel is made up of three main buildings and has a variety of things inside like restaurants, arcades, water parks, and even heated pools.

Myrtle Beach is known for its fishing of all types. Some of the types of fishing is deep sea fishing, kayak fishing, shore line fishing, pier fishing, and renting a personal charter boat if you have the money.

This video shows people fishing at Myrtle Beach and some of the different types of fishing. The main type of fishing in this video is pier fishing in Cherry Grove, Myrtle beach.

At most of the Beaches on the East Coast and maybe even the West Coast they can be known for just golfing. Golfing is a major thing to do at the beach whether you are playing as a professional, or even if you want to play putt-putt with a relaxing evening with the family.

One of the best types of food to eat at the beach is seafood. My favorite restaurant is "Benjamin's" to get seafood. Even knowing the prices may be a little out of reach for some people, it is worth your money. The restaurant has an abundant amount of different kinds of food like: seafood, chicken, fries, steaks, salad bar, and one of the best, the dessert they offer which can include: cookies, ice cream, cake, and other treats.

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