¡!lol...OMG!¡ 👉CHAPTER 5👈

(Chapter 5). Your Life, Online. In this chapter, it talks about many important things that our generation needs to know about being online and what happens online, or let's just say what goes on in the online world 🌎. Students create an enormous amount of digital content every day for their classes, like typing papers and creating presentations on electronics, shooting videos, completing online exams and many more. When we are out of class, we create even more digital content like emails, or sending texts to friends and family.

Superiority Bias: We need to know that we are all average people here. None of us are above average and none of us are below average. Sometimes people think that it's possible to be better than someone in everything which is not how it is whether they think it or not. This is one ☝️ of my favorite chapters because they gave us many examples of people who feel above or below average and I think it's good that they pointed it out because yes, just because someone's social media account looks more interesting than yours and you start to feel down because of that, then upgrade your account. Like add pictures of fun nights out ( not ones with you drinking 👀) , or 🍴 dinner with your family or fun vacations, that is probably what you're missing to make your social life more exciting and it's also probably what the other person has on their account.

We need to know that all digital content that you or someone creates about you is our digital reputation. Your digital reputation matters most right now because people look 👀 you up online and that will always happen for the rest of your life. If you want to attend a private school or get a job, make sure you haven't posted anything inappropriate online because the chances are, you probably would never get those things to happen. Everyone you know or anyone who will want to know more about who you are will probably google you. Just to get a perspective of who you are and if they would like to have someone like you in their life. It could even be a teacher 🤓. It doesn't even stop there. Google provides easy shortcuts and it has become the first place that people goes on to search someone they find interest in. People will judge you based on what you post or what they find online even if it is not true, which it is good to always keep tab on yourself.〰

What this chapter teaches us : I really like this chapter because it really teaches us some important stuff that can help us get through life without giving up. I like the fact that it helps us understand that there is a lot of careless content creations and not careless in a bad way. It means like superiority bias which is a psychologist reason. Careless content has something to do with psychological reasons as well. Remember also that all digital content you create and others create about you becomes your online reputation ( 🤐😢even though sometimes it is not true🤐😢).

👾Stay Safe👾

When someone makes something fake about you, do your best to show the world your social media accounts to prove that you are not like that at all. I really enjoy reading this book. It helped me a lot on how to think before just posting anything.

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