• After the Cambrian Period
  • Lasted about 45 million years
  • Much of the world was under water
  • Extreme diversity of life
  • Most organisms were aquatic
  • Orthoceras: squid-like creature
  • Nautiloids: shelled fish
  • Most of Earths land formed the super continent Gondwana
  • As the continent shifted south, glaciers accumulated
  • It caused an ice age
  • Sea levels dropped
  • Mass extinction occured
  • Few animals survied
  • Sea urchins and modern starfish are a few examples of those who survived
  • Some creatures started to venture onto land
  • Fossilized arthropods and plant spores were found on land
  • Named after the Ordovices
  • Ancient British tribe that lived near Wales
  • Wales is where they first discovered/studied fossils from the period
  • In conclusion...
  • World was mostly covered in ocean
  • Time of invertebrates
  • Ice age caused mass extinction

A little FF: Fun Fact for you The life-forms that survived the cataclysmic end of the Ordovician contributed to the genetic makeup of the animal kingdom to the present.

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