Quartz - Outerweave #SensingSpirituality while out and about

We travel to community events and use visual arts, drama and crafts for a hands on experience

We use crafts

Because while your hands are folding, cutting and sticking you can be thinking and chatting about deep things.

And because working together to make something builds community and trust. We learn through experimenting!

Practicing the simple skills that make humans, human, helps find links and insights into the human experience. It is the foundation of more esoteric activities such as geometry, maths, physics ...

There is also a tremendous sense of achievement when something works!

Crafts activities are accessible to all ages groups and skill levels. It takes time to think them through, and the real skill is helping adults discover the value of colouring in as well as helping children explore complex issues through simple means

For example slowing your mind down to sink into the meaning of words by writing with a quill and ink - or making words into pictures.

Installed on the High Street

Drop in activities to provide time for reflection about the meaning of life.

Developing "Spiritual Literacy" by looking for common ground, common experiences, so that we can learn more about our own traditions.

Learning new ways, beyond words, to communicate and discuss not just opinions, but the nature of Truth.

Reading the Book of Nature

Spending time 'reading' the gospel of creation, and God's messages to creation in creation itself

Testing and refining what we learn outside with the tradition that has been handed down to us.

And #SensingMeaningfulness "The ability to make connections or to see potential patterns in ones life which give it meaning" - Time for Reflection guidance for Scottish schools.

Quartz is based in St Johns, Dumfries. (Which has a quite different building from this one just up the road from us).

But we can meet you where you are, and help you transform your normal to help you find the spiritual in the everyday.

Or work out something special like "Current Weaving" by Alison Fair-Bixler

Made for and as a part of the Nithraid river festival in Dumfries, by locals and an international group of young people.

As people crossed the bridge, they were encouraged to think about trade relationships and the connections which weave a sens of place in the town.

Recycled sheets were made into ropes and woven into the weft of the weaving, which flowed from the bridge into the current of the Nith, and out to sea.

Created By
Simon Lidwell


Photos by Simon Lidwell and Alex McNeill Photography