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Sizes from XS-3XL

The Vaappi-dress has an A-lined skirt and is flattering on most women bodies. It fits good on both petite women and plus size women. If you have a so called apple body shape, my standard dress model might not flatter your body like it should, but do not despair if you really like to have a Vaappi-dress, I have a wide A-lined dress model that fits perfectly to apple shaped bodies, and I can sew almost any of the Vaappi-jersey dresses in this model (see pictures further down).

Most Vaappi-dresses can be ordered in sizes from XS - 3XL. The Vaappi-skirts come in the sizes S-XL.

Every dress can be ordered in the the sizes XS-XL, but for larger sizes I do not normally sew my standard dress model with jersey skirt. Having a plus size body myself, I have first hand experienced with which fabrics that looks good on my body, and which fabrics I should stay clear of. This is because the jersey fabrics 'clings' more to the body, than jeans- or twill-fabrics, and most plus size women have their 'problem areas' around the stomach- and butt-area and should have a bit more 'stiff' fabric over these areas.

The dresses I sew have good sizes, compared to several manufactures and brands. However this does not mean that there are unlimited space in the dress above the stomach area, so If you want a dress with a skirt that has more width over the stomach-area, that is not a problem, I can sew a dress with a skirt that is a bit wider than my standard pattern.

Here you can see how the dresses looks on different body sizes, I also give you the measurements for the different bodies, so you can compare with your own measurements, if you are uncertain on which size you need. Unfortunately I do not have pictures that shows the Vaappi dresses in all body sizes, I am missing pictures (and measurements) that shows the dress on women wearing the size XS and 3XL (I am working on it).

Having said that, the different dress sizes corresponds with the following dress number sizes, and you should choose a size that corresponds with the number size you normally use:

I've gotten the chart conversion from Please observe that these size charts are only guides to helping you find the right dress size. Unfortunately sizes may differ notably between different clothing manufactures and brands.

Here you can see the Vaappi-dresses on different body sizes and see the measurements for their bodies:

This is Krista. She uses the size S in my Vaappi-dresses.
These are Krista's measurements
This is my beautiful mom, Gerd, she uses M in the Vaappi-dresses
These are Gerd's measurements.
This is Rita, she uses the size L
These are Rita's measurements
This is Anne Gro, she uses the size XL
These are Anne Gro's measurements
This is me, Jeanette, in my 2XL dress OBS; I sew my dresses 4 cm longer than the standard dress length for this size, I'm not comfortable with a dress length above the knees. It's not easy to see on this picture, but the length of the dress is just underneath my knees.
These are my measurements.

Measure yourself and compare measurements

The dress sizes are fairly accurate with the dress size you see in the chart conversion above, S equals the European 38, the UK 12 and the USA 10 (But as mention, sizes may differ notably between different clothing manufactures and brands...) If you are uncertain on which size you need in the Vaappi-dress, you can measure yourself and compare your measurements with the measurements for the women above. But remember; luckily none of us are created in the exact same form, so if you normally use the USA size 10, you will probably not have the exact same measurements as my friend Krista who uses the size S in my dresses.

This picture shows where you should measure:

A: From the middle of the shoulder to 2 cm under the breasts. B: Over the breasts. C: 2 cm under the breasts. D: Over the belly bottom. E: Over the hips

Dress measurements

It can be difficult to calculate which size you need only from the measurements of the dresses. The chest piece of the dress will for example not be as long as your measurement from the middle of your shoulder to below your breasts, since I use stretch fabric/jersey. When you are choosing the dress size, it should be based on which number size you normally use (like 10,12 and so on). However, here is the measurements for the Vaappi dresses that has to parts (seam underneath the breasts):

The dresses that are made in all jersey, and does not have a chest- and a skirt-piece, have the same measurements from the top, to the waist, but have a tiny bit wider skirt than the two pieced dress.

Apple body shape

As I mention initially, my standard dress model may not be flattering on apple body shapes, but I have a perfect dress model for this body shape.

As you can see the dress on the left, that has seem above the breasts and a wide A-lined skirt, is really flattering on this apple shaped body.

If you have problem finding dresses that fit your body, this can be a perfect dress for you. Don't hesitate to contact me, perhaps I can sew a perfect dress for you :)

The vaappi-skirts

The Vaappi-skirts come in the sizes S-XL and you can choose whether you want 'single waist' on the skirt or 'folded waist'. I've experienced that most of my customers, who earlier bought skirts with 'folded waist' (Earlier this was the only option I had), are now buying skirts with 'single waist'. If you are a slim woman, and especially if you are petite, I recommend 'single waist'. The measurements of the 'single waist' is: 8 cm, 'folded waist' is: 16 cm.

Here are the measurements of the skirts, the length is from the waistband and down, so the total length of the skirt is + 8/16 cm, depending on which waist you choose:

Handprinted text and motives on the dresses and the skirts

In addition to bright colors, dots and stripes, hand printed motive or/and text is characteristic for the Vaappi-garments. If you do not want to have text/motive on your dress/skirt, it's no problem, just write it in the comments field when ordering.

Since it takes several hours to make the template for the print, I do not have the opportunity to make custom prints.

I have several prints in both Norwegian and English text, and some prints only in Norwegian, - because I have not found the proper translate in English. However; if you find the Norwegian language 'exotic', perhaps you would like a dress with the Norwegian print ? :) On each dress/skirt I've written if the print is available in English, and of course what it says, the font and size is the same in Norwegian and English.

Not sure which size you need or custom made dress?

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are in doubt of which size you need, or if you need a custom made dress regarding the size. Perhaps you need a dress that are smaller on top and have a wider skirt, or perhaps you need a dress that are shorter or longer than the standard measurement for your dress size? I'm here to help you, and will do my best to make a dress that is perfect for you <3

Big smile from Jeanette

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