Civilization Celebration 2017 By: Sophia

Let's Take A Stroll Through Ancient Egypt And China...

Let's start with the flourishing lands of China...

One of their most important creations is the Great Wall of China. It protected the Chinese people from times of war...

...But it was so tall and wide, it was hard to send a Messenger over to the other side at those times, so this is why the Chinese Military used Kites, to send messages across the wall.

Also, they had their belifes...

Some of their Gods and Godesses were Dragons, whom represented elements, like Fire, Nature, Water, Metal, Ying-Yang, and Earth.

Now, we travel into the dry, sandy, gastly lands of Egypt...

They also made pretty interesting buildings. Although they didn't build a wall around their vast country, they made Pyramids and Temples, that were also pretty amazing. This temple, for instance, is "dedacated" to one of their main Goddesses, Bastet.

To keep things running smoothly, the Egyptians made social classes. At the top, and the most important people, were the Pharaohs.

Next came the Government Officials who were in charge of the rules and whom oversaw the construction of Pyramids...

Then the Priests, who were in charge of the temples..

After them came the Scribes, whom were the only ones who knew how to write. Also on this rank were the Builders, who built the pyramids and temples...

2nd to last are the Artistans, who wove, danced, sung, painted, carved, and played instruments.

And the last, the poorest people, were the Phesants. These people were farmers, fishermen, gatherers, "washers", and were basically the "servants" of Egypt.

The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt mostly had something to do with the afterlife.

In this project is a moment where Anubis, the Jackal Headed God (the flexing guy, lol), is weighing a Man's heart. If the heart is heavier than than the feather of truth, the crocodile headed creature will eat the heart, and the man will dissolve out of existence.

Two of the other gods, are called Horus and Osiris.

That's all.

Thank you for traveling with me through Ancient China and Egypt.

See you next time... :)


Thanks to my partner, Mikaela ( hopefully i wrote your name right), for working with me, to get these photos.

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