Agriculture Revolutions By: Jayden Larson

First Agricultural Revolution

The First Agricultural Revolution occurred around 10,000 BC, and lasted until 2000 BC. Humans started transitioning from hunting and gathering to planting and farming. Humans started to live around each other to help farm together. It also improved the average life span of a human.

This shows a human manually harvesting crops with a tool.

Second Agricultural Revolution

The Second Agricultural Revolution occurred around 1700, and lasted until 1900. Humans started inventing new machines to cultivate and harvest crops faster and more efficiently.

This shows humans using their horse drawn cultivator to assist in crop yield.

Third Agricultural Revolution

The Third Agricultural Revolution is still ongoing today, from 1900 to 2017. Humans were faced with a new worldwide problem of world hunger, so new methods were introduced to try to solve it, one big method is GMO's.

This shows a machine that harvests crop and drops it in a truck.


Pro's: Increases yield, foods can be more nutritious, has longer shelf lives, can be cheaper.

Con's: Increases chance of cancer, less effective antibiotics, chance of cross contamination from GMO crops to non GMO crops.

Video on Agricultural Revolutions


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