Baseball cell analogy by Blake Finhcum

The cell wall Provides structure.In the baseball park it would be like the bars under all the seats in the stands.The cell wall provides structure just like the bars keeps up all the seats.

Cell membrane keeps things in and keeps things in.The cell membrane keeps things out and keeps things in just like the outside dose.

Ribosomes make proteins.Just like the player.The players make money just like how the ribosomes makes proteins.

Rough ER transports ribosomes.A team bus takes the players to where they need to be.The team bus transports the players [ribosomes] just like how the rough ER takes ribosomes to where the need to be.

Smooth ER produces hormones.This is like venders in the park.The venders make food just like how the smooth ER makes hormones.

Golgi apparatus package proteins for transport outside the cell.This is like concession stands.The concession stand gives food to people just like how the golgi apparatus hive out proteins.

Lysosomes eat bacteria and kill it too.This is like the ground keepers of the park.The ground keepers pick up trash that is in the stands to keep it clean just like lysosomes.

The nucleus controls the cell. This is like the manager of the baseball team.The manager controls the team just like how the nucleus controls the cell.

DNA provides the cell with unique characteristics.This is like a team artis.The team artis make the players jeries and paint the team bus.

The Nucleolus make ribosomes.This is like the recruiter for the team.The recruiter finds players {ribosomes} And the nucleolus make ribosomes.

Mitochondria make energy for the cell to move.Gatorade is like this.The gatorade gives energy to the players to play on the field and the mitochondria makes energy for the cell to move.

Chloroplast makes energy through photosynthesis.Solar panels do the same job but they power the lights around the park.

Vacuole stores food and water and other materials.The refrigerator does the same job.The vacuole keeps food just like a refrigerator keeps food and drinks.

Cytoplasma Is a jelly like substance that takes up space in the cell.The outside park or the stands.The both take up space in the cell or park.


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