Girls’ varsity basketball team takes home yet another win against the Drake Pirates By:Evelyn Bailey

The spirit was high on Thursday, Jan. 24, when the Redwood girls’ varsity basketball team defeated the Drake Pirates with a final score of 53-33, continuing their undefeated MCAL streak.

In the first quarter, Drake led 9-6 and the Giants, who came into the game with a record of 12-0 in MCAL play and seemed to have their streak in jeopardy after a lethargic 15 minutes. Freshman Kylie Horstmeyer predicted a difficult matchup, but believed they could overcome the opposition.

“We knew it was going to be a challenging game, but I think we were confident [that if] we just went out there and played hardest we could win,” Horstmeyer said.

In the second quarter, senior captain Jenny Walker lead the Giants’ offensive outburst with 14 points. Similar to Horstmeyer, Walker knew going into the game that it was not going to be easy and fully expected a challenging match.

“Drake is one of the schools in our district, and any school in our district is one of our rivals so there’s always more energy than normal but we always have to stay composed and we can't let that rivalry get in our heads,” Walker said.

Horstmeyer also contributed 11 points in the second quarter and as shots started to fall for the Giants, the Redwood’s confidence began to grow. Horstmeyer acknowledged the competition and the threats that the Pirates brought.

“I do think it was a tough match because I do think they are a good physical team and there really fast running up and down,” Horstmeyer said.

Redwood slowly started to gain points and by the end of the first half, the score was 25-22 with Redwood in the lead.

From that point on, the game felt as if a switch had been flipped, according to Walker, with the enthusiasm skyrocketing and the points followed.

Top left: Focusing hard on the ball, senior Jenny Walker shoots a free throw. Top right: Senior Anna Compegno hold the ball surrounded by the Drake Pirates. Bottom left: About to make the shot, freshman Kylie Horstmeyer performs a layup surrounded by Drake defense. Bottom right: With her eye on the net, senior Gabby Beltran shoots and makes it.

Coach Diane Peterson understood the tough competition but through it all believed they would pull through.

“I think the best part [of the game] was us overcoming adversity, that first half was really tough and the girls responded really really well and made some adjustments and played like the team that we know we are, it was great,” Paterson said.

The Giants demonstrated strong offensive skill and dominated the third quarter by finishing with a 42-27 lead. The high spirits and strong playing did not stop there and carried over to the fourth quarter.

“My favorite quarter was the fourth quarter because the energy was high and the intensity was really really high, just the physicality was there and everything,” Horstmeyer said.
Top left: Beltran shoots and makes it. Top right: About to make the layup, Horstmeyer makes the shot. Bottom left: Getting ready to run down the court, senior Anna Compagno throws the ball. Bottom left: Beltran runs down the court keeping possession of the ball.

By the end of the fourth quarter the Giants took home the win, continuing their undefeated MCAL streak with a finishing score of 53-33. Peterson was inspired to see the emotional connection of the team.

“Watching them pick eachother up [was the best part of the game], especially in that second half when things started getting emotionally intense, seeing all the girls rallying around each other was realy cool, were a pretty tight knit family and it showed out there,” Peterson said.

The Giants are playing their next game on Tuesday, Jan. 29 against Terra Linda at 6 p.m. at Redwood High School.


Evelyn Bailey

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