Does China Provide Religious Freedom? WHY NOT?


The Chinese government claims they provide religious freedom for all and everybody is content, but that lie is as far from the truth as I am from reaching enlightenment. Underneath the webs of lies their government spews, using propaganda and (for some reason only) Chinese newspapers, there is the ugly truth which has lain undiscovered and unknown for centuries. The government has gone back to their roots of Legalism by restricting the religious choices of the people.


Not only do the Chinese mistreat the Tibetans, they also restrict their religious freedom the most. The political leaders feel threatened by the religious leaders like the Dalai Lama. They're only way to 'battle' this is to exile Buddhist leaders. It gets even worse. The government forces monasteries to fly the Chinese flag to prove their loyalty to China and they ordered the monks and nuns to admit Tibet is an alienable part of China. Tibetan Buddhists try to resist the Chinese leaders, but it puts them under stricter watch. No information is ever released and no one is let in or out of the area. Foreign reporters are blocked off from the monasteries so no real news is released about them.


Though the Christians of China are accepted, they are only allowed to worship on strict terms. They can only publicly worship when being supervised under people who've proven to be faithful. A provincial government has been removing crosses all over China. So far, they've removed 2000 from churches. They confiscate crosses by breaking them or even burning them. China's government used to be even more cruel by simply demolishing churches and covering it up by saying the church wasn't following 'building codes.' The government has been arresting Christian religious leaders. They also arrested a protestant pastor and sentenced him to 14 years in prison and charged fake accusations like 'financial crimes and gathering people illegally and disturbing the order.' Because of the stigma about churches in China, believers across the country created underground or 'family' churches so they aren't arrested. Many have been detained just for praying and they want that to end.


The most common form of Islam in China, Uighur, is also being detained and treated improperly. The government forces them to disappear by exiling them much like the Buddhists and sometimes they simply disappear without a trace. Not only that, but they are tortured as well. Like the other two, they're put in detention centers and prisons for being faithful to their religion. A muslim scholar who was studying in China was sentenced to life in prison for peaceful protesting about religious freedom for all.

Thoughts from the USA

The US believes China is a 'Country of Particular Concern' or a CPC for short. They've violated religious freedom laws that are norms in the US. Since as far back as 1999 (18 years ago), China has been designated to be put on the list but never has. Possible reasons for this could be the 1.3 Trillion debt we owe to China.


This whole religious stunt being pulled by the government screams 'LEGALISM!!' The only thing the people of China can do is follow the rules and try not to retaliate for their supposed rights. In legalism, freedom for the people is non-existent and unfair

Final Thoughts

Questions: They're easy to ask but not very easy to be answered... (1) Can China fix this problem, or do the people of China have to? (2) Why do the Chinese do this and what's the point (except for the point of being more worshipped than religious figured)?

Importance: Freedom. No matter what type of freedom, it's what really helps a nation. The USA has many flaws but living is exceptionally better here than in many other countries solely because of our rights like free speech. China is making their people miserable by not letting them believe. They're killing the livelihoods of people whose jobs and lives are religion.


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