Good Life Tour of the Harn Kapil Sirivolu

Night Light

This particular artwork was striking to me as I saw the photo and noticed the artist created it to appear as a conglomeration of strokes, that were visible but joined together made a cohesive image. It communicated how a simple combination of random things can join together to create something beautiful. This artwork made me feel like a part of something bigger and that the world can come together in harmony.

Woman's Wedding Ensemble (asherab nabuak)

The wing of the museum that contained this particular piece of artwork was appealing to me. This wing was intriguing to me because upon closer inspection of this wing, this is the first artwork that one passes by. The placement of this artwork in the tunnel vision of all those who enter was interesting to me. I personally felt a feeling of welcome by the open arms of the figurine. Additionally, the lack of the head on the figurine helped me ease into the appreciation of the art because it meant to me that appreciation came from the heart and did not require thinking from the head.

Scenographer's Mind VIII

This artwork appealed to my core values of love and stability in the family environment. This photo appealed to my sense of love by displaying the mother caring for her child at home. This was particularly touching as I hold mothers who care for their children in the highest regard. Additionally, the placement of several columns side by side represented the stability and structure of a supportive family. It instilled the emotions of love and happiness within me to this image. It helps me better understand how much I care for those I love and not to take those who are close to me for granted.


The good life theme present in this artwork is simplicity. I believe this artwork communicates the theme of simplicity by presenting a figure made of stone without arms, feet, or a head. The removal of these appendages creates a basic human form without the intricacies involved in the head. By creating a plain image such as this one it helped me understand that simplicity is necessary to appreciate the good life and not all of life should be complex. I felt attracted to the basicity of the sculpture and at ease with it.

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