How the Fiesta ST competes as a front wheel drive hot hatch

The Fiesta ST doesn't seem like a logical choice for track or autocross driving since it is front wheel drive and it has a hatch back. In reality the car dances around the course as though it were a rear wheel drive car. The torque vectoring system gets the back end to kick out reducing the understeer significantly and providing an unbelievable feeling.

Hard cornering puts the car on three wheels, showing the weight transfer that pushes the back end out.

As a first time autocrosser the Fiesta ST made me feel competitive, even at a Lotus event. I was surrounded by cars twice the cost and people with 20+ years more experience and I could tell that the gap between me and them was not as large as it should be under those circumstances.

the moment you question if your car has the potential to roll over.
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Ryan Sands


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