Tennis Game Of Pain By Jon Botelho

Chapter 1

During my first year at summer camp everything was fine. I met new people, learned some new things and was being your typical six year old. I played on the playground with not a single care in the world. I was happy, until one day during the final days of the year I was hit in the back of the head with a wooden ping pong paddle. Sounds odd doesn’t it? So what happened was some of the counselors and the kids thought that it would be a grand idea to play tennis inside. Due to the lack of actual tennis rackets some of the counselors resorted to wooden ping pong paddles. While they began their game I was playing catch off to the side with another counselor. One throw I missed led to behind one of the teams that were playing tennis. I went to retrieve the ball and as the ball became just in reach, I felt a very sharp pain in the back of my head. For a few seconds the pain went away then returned hurting more than ever. I was bleed profusely with my hair being almost dyed red. I thought I was dying. After, I was escorted to see the head counselors and the ambulance as well as my dad were contacted.

Chapter 2

When the ambulance arrived I was asked

“What Happened”

“I was hit in the back of the head I’m not sure by what though.”

They began to ask around to see if anyone saw what happened and when they returned they explained

“ You were hit by a wooden ping pong paddle.”

As they said this my father arrived and brought me to the nearest hospital. When we arrived I was given options

“ Well if you don’t want stitches there is also staples or glue.”

I ultimately chose staples which turned out not to be so bad. The worst part was having to get a shot of something that numbs a body part in my head then the staples were put in my head. Then, I was told

“ Come back in nine days and the the staples can be removed.”

Chapter 3

So during this entire event I was angry even though it was an accident I was mad at whoever hit me because it restricted me from doing some things I love doing in the summer such as swimming and playing baseball. During these nine days I was allowed to return to summer camp when I arrived I was greeted with everyone hoping I was okay and I was taken by surprise because I never would've thought they would’ve cared. The counselor that hit me however was not as worried and being six I took offense and I stayed angry at him for five years During this time I changed and realised how silly I was for not realizing that I should’ve forgiven him. Sadly when I realised this he no longer worked at the summer camp and I truly never had the chance to forgive him face to face. In my mind I believe he is forgiven and I no longer am holding a pointless grudge. Eventually I got the staples removed at the expense of being the start of a terrible tradition. Since that year at least one kid gets injured every year and I feel that it’s my fault in some way due to that incident when I was six.

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