Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication (SACAC), a unit of Sri Aurobindo Society formerly known as Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication (SAIMC), is a centre for creative learning in arts and communication.

I joined SACAC in 2015. That one year not only taught me the work I am coming across in my job but also gave me the memories for life. The memories which I will cherish every now and then. Campus became our home and our trainers became our parents. 

This photo story is a collection of photographs which I clicked during that one year. Being a photographer that is the best mode of expression for me to pay a tribute to all the love and patience I received.
It's welcoming! The campus will make you feel complete with the presence of wisdom and petals of dreams.
Amazing it is, how they manage the beauty so well. The place which is close to nature and is opening great doors for your love towards it. SACAC has everything to fall in love with.
The Bamboo Cafe- From Discussions to Arguments, From Farms to food, From love to Frienships, From Tea to lemon juice. :) We had everything on our tables.
You will miss your sessions once you are done with your course.
SACAT- Oh the cat in SACAC. This little fur of joy has always been around. She will be your partner in discussions. Well, she can easily grab your attention. She is a star at the end.
The sessions are crazy and beautiful. You meet the stars before they hit their stardom. The creativity flows in each department and one can't ignore the passion everyone holds for their art.

SACAC is a spot to meet great minds.

Seasons @ SACAC.
serenity lies here
Season at SACAC somehow makes your stronger for all the seasons in your life. The noise becomes music. What else can I say about the place. :)

Your mentors are your inspiration here.

The workshops, exhibitions and discussions.
Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy and the guidance of Mother is there in every corner. This place can still give you the glimpse of Love, Care and Kindness which the world is missing right now.
You celebrate every occasion or should I say that SACAC makes you celebrate each day in its own charm.
SACAC- A world in itself.
The group of wonderful ladies are heading the departments and let me be straight on this, the women here have accomplished the task of making it a home for all the artists. They respect your thoughts even when you aren't sure and they actually turn you into a family.

Well, the photo journey was my love for SACAC and I would like to wish you all, a great Women's Day. You all have been an inspiration for girls like me. Thank you very much for providing us with this lovely corner in the chaos of world.



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