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Liberty University, through its program known as LU Serve, hosted its first Serve Lynchburg volunteer project April 22 and that project was a major success for both Liberty and the various volunteer locations.

LU Serve is the department of Liberty University which has an administrative side, known as CSER (Christian Community Service), as well as local, domestic and international departments.

Those various departments can focus on anywhere from Liberty projects, Lynchburg based projects, VA state projects or even projects as far out as Israel volunteer projects.

In previous years, Liberty hosted a similar event, on a much smaller scale, known as Love on Lynchburg. This was the first event that Liberty ever hosted that was on this large of a scale both in the number of volunteers, as well as the total number of events taking place at the same time.

Just over 1,500 students from Liberty volunteered for the first ever Serve Lynchburg Day that also had over 50 different events (listed below) taking place in various locations. From cleaning up trash, to volunteering in senior living centers and local businesses, Liberty was all over Lynchburg working to make an impact in the community.

The University then conducted surveys with all the organizations and businesses that the students volunteered with and the results showed that Liberty has a great impact on its community.

“They were extremely impressed with their volunteers and very grateful for the service that was provided. It was just a tremendous win-win for this community,” said Lew Weider, Executive Director of LU Serve. “We won with our community partners, we won with the city, and we won with our students getting a great experience while at the same time being a real blessing to our community. So, Liberty University was definitely viewed in a very positive light on this day and it was a very successful event. We already had multiple organizations reach out to our department to tell us just how phenomenal the services were that our students provided.”

The work that the students did was from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. If the students were to be paid, based on governmental minimum wages, the value of the services done for the Lynchburg community was just under $200,000. The work was done out of love for helping others and the desire to spread compassion to as many people as possible in the Lynchburg community.

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Partner Organizations (Different Events: 50+)

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Of the greater than 50 different volunteer events that took place April 22 for Serve-Lynchburg, the one that I got to be a part of was services at the YMCA downtown. From cleaning and organizing work rooms, to assisting members, the 10 of us volunteers did our best to serve YMCA in any way. I asked Jennifer Richardson, the Membership Director for the YMCA, what her thoughts were on our performance for the YMCA and what grade she would give Liberty’s volunteers.

- (Interview Video with Jennifer Richardson)

For Liberty University News covering Serve Lynchburg here at the YMCA, I’m Jacob Edward Hunziker.

*Disclaimer: Photos used were taken by Jacob Edward Hunziker as well as used from the Liberty Serve websites.*

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