Life in the 1930's By audrey evans

Life in the Cities 🤷🏼‍♀️

There were low prices throughout the entire 30's. Factories were forced to shut down, which left many people without jobs. For example, 2,200 workers lost their jobs when firms closed. People refused to go on welfare for the longest time, but once the 30's rolled around, many people started got on it. They couldn't produce their own food, so they often became hungry.

Argriculture in the 1930's

Farming was nice because you could make your own food, but you weren't able to get much money from it because no one had much money in that time. There were many outside problems like dust, insects, & the heat & cold. The people living in the country didn't have indoor plumbing, light, or heat so their jobs weren't very good. Considering they weren't very healthy from all of those problems.


Black workers were pushed out for the white workers. There was a phrase used for it, "last hired, first fired." The tenant farming system was put in place as well, which was unfair to them. Women lived by the expression of "we loved lean" because they hardly ever got food, or were able to get thicker.

Family Time?

They tended to be hungry, & that made many complain. But any meal they got was nice to eat as a family. A lot of families lost their homes due to the income decreasing. That put so much stress on them all.

Spare time?

Many families created games like tag or hide and seek. They watched football, baseball, and other sports as well. The people who had radios continued to listen but everyone was losing money so it was difficult to keep up watching.


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