Lifetime Project Emilio Joseph Rodriquez

Western Expansion

I'm a miner from Ghost Town and i'm going to the west where there is a gold rush. Well when I herd about the western expansion I had to live mining and go get gold. I took the railroad track to get west and the important thing about the railroad was that it carried lots of people and there valuables.

Gilded Age

I'm a immigrant with John D. Rockefeller as my leader. I'm fighting for freedom for my family, friends, and other people. The Interstate Commerce Act of 1887, which established federal regulation of the railroads. It outlawed collusion between railroads and prohibited many types of price discrimination.


Me and my family are from the Philippines during the Spanish revolution. Our homeland became the united states because the U.S. won the revolution, and that what made the Philippines become apart of the united states. America wanted our homeland because it was apart of the pacific ocean and had a lot of american goods they wanted.

World War 1

I was a Soldier for the U.S. during world war 1. So I was in the world war as a non-guest to the ''GREAT WAR'' me and my friend were fighting in a trench as kept going and suddenly my friend was shot in the shoulder. I helplessly tried to save him, but me telling myself that he was a gonner. Me and the United state army shot every German soldier until they surrenders.

1920's America

I was a Jazz performer for the Jazz player in the 20's. One of my favorite Jazz performers was Jelly Roll Morton he was the only one that influence me the most. The new technology was that they made Jazz instruments in the 20's. My favorite was the 2.1.5 Piano. I didn't buy stock because I was to busy working on my Jazz.

Great Depression

I'm a factory worker for steel industry. I had a great job, it was well kept and great for making money for my family to eat. Then suddenly the stock market crash it affect me and took my job away. It was tough and a struggle trying to make money for a family to at least fill there little tummy's. The stock market crash affect me and my family.

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