Eilat Mountains by iPhone A very colorful desert

This is a photographic documentary taken place at the Eilat Mountains, south of the Israeli desert. For four days I have been hiking the high colorful and extraordinary summits of the the Eilat Mountains, taking pictures, using only my iPhone 6s.

Out of mind, out of sight Reaching out for my light. Reaching out with your hand. All you touch turns to sand. And as you fall, as you weep. The sand it something you still keep. All the fragments of your dreams, Have evolved to separate things. Intertwined in your sight, Are all the problems you still fight If you want to reach my hand, First you have to drop the sand. -Galaxy Lineberger

If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good things of the land; -Isaiah 1:19

Gishron Waterfall's Cistern
The ghosts in the desert speak to me. They tell me of the lonesome sea of sagebrush and the the leagues of penetrating sun. They tell me of the shadows, and how the worlds of the dark desert places illuminate what is missing. God. What ache lies underneath the sandstone, what demons lurk among the hills. -Austin Boston
The Red Canyon.
Eilat Bay.

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