Kung Fu Panda II China living color


Kung Fu Panda II takes the viewer on a journey around China through the eyes of a young Panda, Po. Po was just a regular Panda working at a noodle shop when, by chance, he managed to join the "furious five": an elite group of Kung Fu warriors in China. Po and his team of elite fighters travel through China instilling peace throughout villages filled with bandits. When Shen, the peacock is planning on taking over China, the furious five plus Po travel to Gongmen City to take Shen down. They are ready to destroy Shen but Shen has something that they have never heard of before; a real life cannon. They have no idea how to defend the citizens and themselves from Shen and to make matters worse, Po is distracted from learning that he is adopted and is also experiencing flashbacks of Shen in his early life. If you want to learn what happens next than I guess you will just have to go watch the move. Let's get into the connections!

Daoism // is one of the most important and main aspects shown in Kung Fu Panda. One of the key aspects in Daoism is going with the flow and just relaxing . Throughout the movie and especially in the beginning of the movie, Shi-Fu (Po's master) tells Po to find inner peace and just go with the flow. He has a droplet of water that he manages to exquisitely control and move around. Throughout the movie when Po is in times of trouble, he refers back to this teaching to help him concentrate and find Inner Peace. Po is a panda. The colors of a Panda is white and black. The colors of the ying-yang are black and white. Po signifies so much more than just a panda. He signifies a balance between good and evil, serious and funny, and determined and lazy. In every good there is a bad and in every bad there is a good. Po is the perfect example of this balance. The Dao is the road to enlightenment and for Po, his road of Dao was mastering inner peace and finding a balance in life.

Po, his master, Shi-Fu, and the Furious Five through numerous missions and adventures.

Confucianism // is the other religion that is very instrumental and key in Kung Fu Panda II. The only key aspect of Confucianism is the ancestry. The movie focuses a lot on Po's ancestry and how he is trying to find out who his real parents are. Ancestry is very important in the ancient Chinese cultures and that causes the hierarchical structure which causes the whole conflict between Shen and Po.

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