For a land that is home to a variety of mammals unlike any others on earth, Australia is populated by many species that originated somewhere else. Javan rusa deer, a member of the family Cervidae and native to the tropical islands of Indonesia and East Timor, have made themselves right at home Down Under, where they were introduced more than a century ago.
In the rolling savannas of Queensland, the rut occurs in July and August, and the stags thrash and collect grasses and shrubs with their antlers as a way to attract females and establish dominance over other males. Strange behavior, perhaps, and right at home Down Under. So when you see a stag with a large amount of vegetation between its ample tines—well, there’s your trophy

Dušan Smetana hunted Javan rusa in the Australian province of Queensland, about two hours northwest of Brisbane. He arranged his hunt through Cabela’s Signature Outdoors (cabelas.com/soa). See more of Dusan’s photography at dusan.photoshelter.com.

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Gray's Sporting Journal MMN


Photography by Dušan Smetana

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