Super butterflies By emma logan2 asher audrey

This is a egg a butterfly lays on mallow and other leaves that larvas can eat.In this stage the egg takes about 5days to hatch.
This is a larva after it comes out of the egg.larves eat there egg when they come out .They eat the whole time that they are a larva.this stage last about 5 to 10 days
This is a larva that has turned into a pupu.Pupu hangs from a branch .This stage last up to 2 weeks.
This is a butterfly coming out of a pupu.When a butterfly comes out of a pupu it has to let its wings dry for some hours.
This is a adult butterfly when it is all the way out of the pupu.A butterfly last for 2 to 3 weeks.
Butterflies eat humens food sometimes .They also drink necter as food .
Butterflies suck up neacter for food .They also move necter to flower to flower.
Butterflies have wings .The wings are that thing that is sticking out.
Butterflies have antennas .The antennas are that thing that is sticking out from the head.
Butterflies have a head.The head is that thing that is pointing down.
Butterflies have a abdomen the abdomen is the bottom part.
Butterflies have a proboscis .The proboscis is that thing by the antennas.
Butterflies have a thorax .The thorax is the middle part of the butterfly.


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