Europe's feud with Tyler the Creator continues And other music news from May 8th 2017


According to Tyler the Creator's Twitter account yesterday, he is cancelling tour dates previously scheduled for several European nations. Numerous outlets, including Billboard, have documented his struggles with our friends across the pond, especially England and their now PM Theresa May. They've butted heads over what else, lyrical content, but the debate isn't quite as simple as censorship since even the rapper admits to some homophobic content in his early work. Currently no further details have been released.


In order to more aptly realize its goal of music discovery, SoundCloud is now offering a playlist builder that automatically sources its songs based on your previous likes and listens. This is similar to the Spotify model and is a fantastic move for a site that already offers a platform for even the most "garage" of artists to get their music out there. Nobility of the endeavor aside, we'll have to see how well executed this feature is, as competitors with similar ideas, like Pandora, are seemingly on their last legs. That caveat being noted, we can't help but approve the move as it falls squarely in line with our own goals at Cultureless FM, offering a voice to the artists that deserve to be heard.

erykah badu announces tour dates spanning three continents

Erykah Badu announced her Erykah Badu vs. Everythang tour a little under a week ago. The tour will start off in the United States South before moving over to Europe, returning to the United States, and finishing up in Japan. Listeners in NYC like we are, keep an eye out for tickets to the Meadows Festival in Queens as Badu will be making a stop here in September and performing. With Gorillaz already confirmed to be playing there as well, this is shaping up to be a quality festival experience right in our own backyards.

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