Social Impacts Of IT


Information Technology meaning of ; what we use for help our. It's help use and it can help for find something. In the past, we did not use it very much. But now, we did everything on the internet. Because it is more useful and easy. If you want to buy something you can buy on the internet. Or you can share some photo on Fcebook, Snapchat, Instagram or you can like and comment. You can reach somebody on Skype, Facetime and different site. Or if you want reach the somebody from the different country, you can send message or photo. You can read a book on the Wattpad or internet. You can play games on the internet.


You can do practice on the inrternet for your work. Or you can sell something like Letgo, HepsiBurada, Alibaba, In the Appstore or Googleplay you can buy music or games.Something else in the program you can buy what you want. Else you can find work on the internet.


You can watch film on the internet. But some people do it with illegal. They share copies of film. When cinema's in the vision, they share it on the internet and they do not go to cinema. Because it is cheaper and easier. You must not leave home. Else music, pirates share copies and people upload it cheaper.


For example: You are in the school. You log in your facebook, then the bell rang. You went your class. But you forgot exit your facebook. You thought my school is safe. Everyone is my friend. Nobody do wrong think. But when you went, somebody came and enter your facebook. She/he send some message your friend or share some thinks in your facebook. It's not ethical. Or some people copies your presentation.


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