Prophet Muhammad's Birthday JOrdan

Prophet Muhammad's Birthday is linked to the religion Islam. This holiday is celebrated on the 4th of February. And is somewhat related to the birth of Jesus Christ (Christmas).
Customs of this holiday include of the communities coming together, having a good time and eating "Mawlid's deserts". Another tradition that they have is people hold sessions where poems of the Prophet's praise are recited. Another activity that they do is learn from prophet Muhammad's biography and his merits.
This holiday is important to this culture because it's the birth of the Islamic prophet -- merely a yearly reminder of the prophet. It is different in most countries but in Jordan this is a major holiday and is marked as a public holiday.
Other countries that celebrate this holiday as a "major" holiday are Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Libya and Tunisia.
Holidays we celebrate that are similar to Prophet Muhammad's Birthday would be like Presidents day or Martin Luther King Jr. day or Labor day. Their celebration is different than ours because it is linked to a religion and we don't eat the same food or learn from the prophet's biography.
These holidays are similar because they both celebrate someones accomplishments or day of birth.


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