Double the Dough 3 Ways to Double, Triple, or Even Quadruple What You Raise!

1. Brand Your Fundraiser

Give your fundraiser a unique name, logo, or theme to make it memorable year after year.

Example: North Forest Pines Elementary Superhero SOAR Run

North Forest Pines More than Doubled their donations when they switched to Get Movin' and turned their old fun run into a superhero soar run!

North Forest Pines Elementary in Raleigh, NC embarked on their second SOAR Run - a superhero-themed Fun Run that swept their school last fall. This fundraiser was not only successful because North Forest PTA teamed up with Get Movin' and took advantage of our online services, but also because they worked closely with their Personal Event Coach to develop a brand for their fundraiser. They now have a name and a theme that is instantly recognizable by students and parents for years to come. The success of their annual fundraiser will only continue to grow as it becomes a yearly staple for their school.

North Forest Pines Elementary Fast Stats:

  • Raised $56,271 total through online and cash/checks donations
  • 336 students raised a total of $42,415 in online donations alone
  • Average Student Fundraising Webpage raised $126.00
  • Without Get Movin', netted $20K working with Boosterthon. With Get Movin', netted over $31,000 more!
"This was by far the BEST fundraiser of any school my kids have attended or I have worked for! Thanks for not making me sell candy and wrapping paper! It has paid off big time!" - Happy North Forest Pines Parent

How do our services work? Check out this video:

2.Duct Tape & Pie

Kids love earning toy rewards, but if you really want to boost your donations then you need two things: Duct tape & pie.

Experience incentives, such as duct taping the gym teacher or giving the principal a pie in the face or turning the librarian into a human sundae, drastically increase the amount students raise to earn those fun rewards!! With our online system, you can promote your experience incentives, keep track of who has earned specific rewards using our online incentive tracker, and set student donation goals so they know the amount they need to raise.

Example: Jane Ryan School Walk-Athon

Jane Ryan School almost TRIPLED their donations when they teamed up with Get Movin' and introduced fun incentives to their walk-athon!

Replacing their gift wrap sale fundraiser, Jane Ryan School started their first Walk-Athon last year and they are ready to repeat their success this year! Last fall they started off with a goal of $12,000, but Jane Ryan students and their families quickly met the challenge and soared beyond anyone’s expectations to raise more than $39,500. To encourage the kids to keep raising money, their gym teacher was duct taped to the wall by the kids who raised the most money. Ten teachers and staff, including the Principal, had pies thrown in their face also by top earners. This year they have a goal of $35,000 and we can't wait to seem them soar past that number!

Jane Ryan School Fast Stats:

  • Raised $40,402 total through online and cash/checks donations
  • 306 students raised a total of $36,620 in online donations alone
  • Average Student Fundraising Webpage raised $119
  • Without Get Movin', $10K by selling gift wrap. With Get Movin', netted over $27,000 more!
“Thank you for all of your help with our first walk-a-thon event! It’s been a pleasure working with you! I will sing your praises to other schools!" - Jane Ryan School Walk-Athon Chairperson
Check out more fundraising success @ www.getmovinfundraising.com/school-stories

3. Give Your Parents What They Want: Online Tools

You can have a fun theme and a motivated student body, but without the buy-in from parents your fundraiser will suffer. By giving parents online tools to spread the word on social media and easily raise donations, you will completely transform your fundraiser and raise more than you ever thought possible.

Example: City Language Immersion Charter (CLIC) Fun Run

City Language Immersion Charter didn't just double or triple their donations - they QUADRUPLED what they raised by teaming up with Get Movin' and giving parents access to our online system!!

The CLIC Fun Run was a mega success! They exceeded their goal and raised a whopping $78,719 thanks to powerful student and parent participation using Get Movin's online system. Students of CLIC got very creative about how to raise the money, including making compelling videos to share with families on social media along with their Student Fundraising Webpages. All in all, 80% of CLIC students participated in the effort, won fabulous incentive prizes, and several classes celebrated 100% class participation.

City Language Immersion Charter Fast Stats:

  • Raised $79,525 total through online and cash/checks donations
  • 236 students raised a total of $65,445 in online donations alone
  • Average Student Fundraising Webpage raised $277.31
  • Without TGMC or our online system, netted $18K
  • With TGMC, netted $56,500 more!
"The guidance received from you regarding the database and, in particular, incentives was an integral part of our success! Our students really loved the emojis and pairing their motivation with giving parents online tools made all the difference." - City Language Immersion Charter Fun Run Chairperson

Want to Know what it's like to double, triple, or quadruple what you raise?


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