Grade 2 teacher rebekah dousias

Second graders at Lab have been inspired by artist Jenny Holzer and her project entitled, "You Be my Ally", to communicate through art with words and design.

In an election year, the American public expresses what is important to them by choosing the leaders they vote into office. Children are too young to vote, but their voices are still important. The second graders are using a relief printmaking technique to create text-based artwork that expresses their unique voices. Our plan is to send the finished prints to government leaders so that they might appreciate issues important to the children. The artwork will also be enlarged on a copier and hung in other spaces so that it can reach a larger audience.

Credits: Anderson, Andy, Caelum, Callum, Chris, Claire, Julianne, Susannah, and Wil
Credits: Daniel, Emilia, Giulia, Ken, Luke, Naila, Oscar, and Tino
Credits: Felix, Jackson, Lena, Marta, Micah, Raleigh, Ryan
Credits: Ainslie, Devin, Elia, Gus, Peter, Sarelle, Zahra, Zayna