I Am Parvati Patel A New play by sara ramsawak

About the Play

"I Am Parvati Patel" is a student written work that tells the story of being without in life. Anjali, a college student, has turned to sex work in order to pay her semester bills and make ends meet at home. Confiding in only her pimp, Randy, she manages to keep her two worlds separate until her Professor shows up as a client one night. Told through the voices of her ‘Selves’, Anjali must travel down a road she doesn’t want to, and who knows what will become of her at the end of it.

The Cast


Jihan (Sasha) Ramroop in the role of Anjali Shah

Humza Mian in the role of Randy Hobbs

Derek Sherry in the role of Matthew Olsen

Christina Quoka in the role of Sweetheart

Amanda Ettere and Maria Albanese in the role of Business

Cayleigh Hearth in the role of Babe

Michelle Angelo in the role of Sad Eyes

The Crew

Written and Produced by: Sara Ramsawak

Directed by: Erin Michelitsch

Assistant Directed by: Lisa Bumpus

Stage Managed by: Michael Jorge



This is a play that pays homage to the many strong women that came before us, the ones that we all strive to become, and the ones we will pave the way for in the future. We as women are entitled to a fair and happy future just like everyone else in society is. We are fighters and martyrs and we are beautiful beings.

We as women are expected to fill so many roles throughout the duration of our lives. And though many of us are able to handle this burden with grace, many of us aren't and that's ok. Society has made us believe that we must shape-shift in order to meet the expectations we are faced with, but we do not have to. We must do and be what brings us internal peace and power. And spread that energy to those around us.

What I have learned from writing this play is being a woman, especially a woman of color, means being able to face the world with my own mental, emotional, spiritual and internal wisdom. I accept adversity and I accept discrimination because I know the rest of the world is not up to speed yet, but I know one day it will be. But today, we as strong women must make the hard and right choices first to set the tone for future generations of women to come.

The Heroine

This play is also dedicated to Bollywood actresses from the 20th and 21st century that were and still are some of the most memorable women in Indian culture. These women that grace the silver screen with their beauty and talent are objectified constantly for the sake of selling films. Though the Bollywood industry has changed in the last two decades, we must never forget the legacy left by these iconic women, and the one being carried by today's Bollywood heroines.

Who is Parvati Patel?

We are all Parvati Patel. We are all sweet, desired, busy and alone. We can also be bitter, hated and failures. Being Parvati Patel means being honest with yourself and the universe. It means looking yourself in the mirror and recognizing what you bring to the world and learning how to appreciate and accept whatever it is.


If you would like to donate to fund our production, please follow the link below! And thank you!

Show Dates:

April 21st at 7:30pm

April 22nd at 7:30pm and 2:00pm

Playing in room HUM 2043 in the Humanities Building at Purchase College

Created By
Sara Ramsawak


Created with images by Devanath - "girl india travel" • legends2k - "God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers." • Christian Haugen - "Small girl and her mom on the beach" • denharsh - "#indian bride" • Foreign and Commonwealth Office - "Indian Diaspora event" • bandarji - "Traditional Indian Dress Day" • akshayapatra - "girls smile happy" • Ninad Chaudhari - "graduation day..."

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