MSIDT Goes International Featuring California state university fullerton students

Master of Science Instructional Design & Technology

Our Students Around the World

Not only does our MSIDT program offer top-level education, it also provides suitability and convenience for students. Our fully-online curriculum allows you to take classes from just about anywhere! From China to Scotland, meet some of our international students who have fully completed our program abroad. Read their stories and find out why MSIDT is the perfect path for you!

Ms. Liz Musser, MSIDT Student from Lerwick, Scotland

Liz Musser lives in Shetland, UK that is just 60 degrees north of Britain’s northerly territory. Shetland is part of an archipelago consisting more than 100 islands. Liz and her family moved to Shetland in 2006. She discovered our MSIDT program while reading numerous online articles about highly-reputable Master’s Programs. “Let me just say CSUF’s MSIDT program was ranked highly in several articles” Liz described. Liz’s final MSIDT project was on safeguarding intangible cultural heritage, specifically the Shetland Reel which is associated with Shetland’s fiddle tradition. “The interactive video I am designing is part of a wider community to revitalize the Shetland Reel” Liz added. Our MSIDT program bridges important bond of networks among its cohorts and colleagues. Liz will be meeting some of her classmates in person during the commencement ceremony in May of 2017.

Ms. Heather De Guzman, MSIDT Student from China

Heather DeGuzman has been living in Northeast China for the past ten years. In China, where computers are uncommon in classrooms, students are taught in an old fashion way using chalk boards. As a geography teacher, Heather wanted to integrate her classes with technology and through visual learning. We asked her to share one unique experience she has had as a teacher. “My husband had just bought me my first iPad and I immediately downloaded the National Geographic Atlas from the App Store. When I opened the National Geographic Atlas and spun the globe to find the location I was looking for, the whole room gasped. I think it was at that moment I was sold on using technology in the classroom.” Heather recalls her favorite experience in the program was during her first group project. “We were the first ones up to present our project and it was only in the last two weeks that things started to get really intense due to project creep. The collaboration, the editing, the creativity, it was so much fun!”. Heather used Adobe Captivate and Illustrator to make an anatomy multimedia project for kids. Despite the 15-hour difference between China and California, Heather stayed on top of all her classes and will be graduating in May of 2017.

Mr. Samuel Warren, MSIDT Student from Tokyo, Japan

Samuel Warren currently resides in the densely-populated city of Tokyo, Japan. He chose to reside in Tokyo for the past five years due to the city’s ancient charm and aesthetic. He is a former university language instructor who holds a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. We asked Samuel why MSIDT? “I was looking for a new graduate program that would enable me to transition from a career teaching to corporate learning and development.” Not only does the MSIDT program prepare students for a better future, but it provides them with valuable networking opportunities. “The first thing that comes to mind is the level of support” Samuel recalled. Samuel designed an interactive, animated, whiteboard video tutorial that instructs learners with declarative knowledge and concepts. Samuel graduates in May of 2017 and has completed all his online courses abroad.

Ms. Pam Wong, MSIDT Student from Hong Kong, China

Pam Wong has been living in Hong Kong for the past six years to spend time with her parents. Currently, Pam is working on a computational thinking education program in Hong Kong. She is responsible for organizing seminars and workshops for parents at primary schools. She found out about our MSIDT program while surfing on the web. “I looked for something meaningful to learn and found MSIDT,” Pam quoted. Our program was a perfect fit for Pam’s teaching and software engineering background. Through our program, Pam had the opportunity to collaborate with other cohorts around the globe. Her final MSIDT project was based on applying game-based learning to coding education in K-12. She applied all her knowledge and skill to design an educational game "HowProgramWorks" to illustrate a fundamental concept of programming.

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