Drug Crime Joel Vandehei

Drug crime- term used to describe different offenses involving drugs


In 2014 there were 1,561,231 drug crimes in the US

In 2015 drug crime dropped to 1,488,707

42.4% of drug crimes are due to marijuana possession

82% of arrests are due to drug violations

1/100 US residents have been in jail for committing a drug crime


Have speakers come into schools and inform teachers and kids

Send drug users to rehab centers

Make drug crimes have a longer sentence

Harsher punishments are needed

Educate kids about drugs

Current Event-https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/16/world/americas/venezuela-tareck-el-aissami-drugs-sanctions-maduro.html?rref=collection%2Ftimestopic%2FDrug%20Abuse%20and%20Traffic&action=click&contentCollection=timestopics&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=collection

Summary- A person in Columbia is sitting in jail for drug trafficking. He is claiming that he was in on a deal with Venezuela's Vice President. This is not looking good because their vice president could be involved in drugs.






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