Medical Forensics Granite Technical Institute

I've always loved watching dramas on TV where the police use the latest tests and skills to help solve the crime. I'm learning some of those same things at school! - GTI Student

Do you enjoy the challenge of solving a mystery?

Explore a career in medical forensics. Employment of forensic science technicians is expected to grow by 19 percent from 2010 to 2020. Competition for jobs will be strong because of substantial interest in forensic science. Get ahead and establish a strong foundation for college programs.

This course focuses on introductory skills and assessment in order to develop the ability to identify, analyze, and process logically using deductive reasoning and problem solving. Medical forensics involves many aspects of health science instruction including:

  • laboratory skills and safety
  • microscopy, toxicology
  • measurement
  • physical evidence identification
  • pathology
  • anthropology
  • entomology
  • psychology
  • photography

Important Information about Medical Forensics:

This is a semester long course

This course is offered to grades 11-12

There are required lab fees for this course

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