Michael Jordan Renaissance man

Michael jordan also known as air Jordan is a great example for a renaissance this is why. Michael Jordan won six national championships. He grew up in brooklyn New York. He lived with his brother, mom, and dad. He had many inspirations to lead him to play basketball. Michael also does other amazing things like donating to charity, for example Michael just announced that he will be donating 2M to two charities in need one new things that is just the few things about Michael jordan.
Micheal Jordan dunking on two pacers players.
Michael Jordan's brother was a big inspiration for Michael. Michael jordan's brother was big into sports and thought Michael would be good for basketball. So Michael and his brother and dad all played basketball together. They would practice and play every night. Eventually, Jordan's practice as a kid payed off he was drafted by the Chicago bulls in 1984. Jordan averaged 20 points per game lighting up the court with his family in the stands. Sadly, Jordan's father was shot and killed July 23 1993. That lead Jordan to retire on the 1993-1994 season he then went to pursue a baseball career.

“I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”-Michael Jordan. Michael would cry himself to bed at night when he was kicked off his high school basketball team. That's what pushed him to do even better at what he did. In 1978 Michael Jordan was selected to play on his basketball team again making sure not to be kicked off this time. He soon got a scholarship to the university of north Carolina and then drafted by the bulls. He lead the bulls to 6 national championships which made him a hall of famer and a name to go down in history. That is why Michael jordan is a true renaissance man.

Micheal jordon winning a championship game.
Micheal jordon making his famous free throw line dunk this is the reason Micheal jordon was nicknamed air jordon.

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