I Am One By Out Of Artifice

I Am One

2019 | Rock


"Power says you can’t win. — To refuse our help is worse than sin. — Yeah they will take your rights away. — And even more they’ll leave you shamed. — Convince the world that you’re to blame. "


  • There’s not much here since these guys are new & underground. Guitarist/Vocalist Spencer Heringa himself contacted me to promote it.
  • They hail from Greenville South Carolina, so if you’re local support people making music with a message we can dig.


Luke Tatum

Phenomenal contrast between the verses and the chorus. The verses explain what Power tells us to do. The chorus is a call that each of us can cry back at Power: "I am one, I am someone, And I have gifts that I can offer. We are strong and we have needs that can be met with our own hands and feet." There's a lot of polish on this song, and it shows. What a find!

Sherry Voluntary

I really liked this solid rock song. It’s moody and offers great food for thought like good music can. I love the title “I am one.” It pays service to the fact that we are all one individual, but not powerless. Our rights and desires are not superseded by The State because it has a “good idea” The lyric “ Yeah they will take your rights away. And even more they’ll leave you shamed. Convince the world that you’re to blame.” This reminds me of one great and terrible example of this, the murder of Eric Garner by the police. Eric was selling loose cigarettes. The government agents didn’t like this because taxes weren’t being charged for every one, even though they had been paid on the initial purchase. The blue thugs, sat on this man's chest until he died. Then as if murdering him wasn’t bad enough, they had to blame and shame him. Many cops showed up at a vigil for him wearing shirts that said “I can’t breath,” mocking the words of the man as he lay dying at the hands of their “brothers.” This vile act was intended to blame the victim of state theft, coercion, and ultimately murder. It’s just amazing to me how many people in this world are unwilling to see how antithetical State Power is to freedom.

Nicky P

I’ll be honest, not really my thing musically, but the message is a good one. I had the opportunity to talk with the songwriter Spencer and pick his brain about some things. I was a little disheartened when he told me he wasn’t the political activist type. He had found his way to some Friedman and started a journey which inspired this song. I expect it’s another six months before he’s a raving ancap? I kid, but the conversation gave me hope that the hard work of libertarian activists is reaching beyond our little sphere slowly. It would be beyond a stretch to call Spencer one of us but he clearly is beginning to see the value in a philosophy that understands the strength of people is into individuals. Too flirt with a tabboo is the true error of collectivism in a simple reversal? The collective must come second to preserve itself on the backs of individuals. I’m interested in all your thoughts.

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Nicky P

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