The brown bear is an omnivorous mammal. Hearing and smell are their most developed senses. They spend the winter in a state of hibernation. They are plantigrade. They live an average of 25 years. They live in the forests and mountains of North America, Europe and Asia. The brown bears are very fast and can reach 50 Kilometers per hour. They are very dangerous for humans.

Nacho Casanueva Abollado

It is called a horse. It is a mammal and it is usually white. It is a vertebrate. It lives on the ground and eats wheat.

Paola Sánchez Garrido

This is a tortoise. It is a reptile. Reptiles are oviparous. They have 4 legs and the skin is covered with hard scales. They breathe with their lungs. Most of them live in water.

Rodrigo Ruiz Tribaldo

Dogs are vertebrate animals, they are in the mammal group. There are many dog breeds like: labrador, chiwawa, poodle...

Elena Arrieta Puente

The dog is the friend of the human beings. They are vertebrates and mammals. They have four legs and they breathe with the lungs.

Eva Mansilla Martínez

The snake is a very long animal that lives in the jungle and in the desert, it's a beatiful and nice animal. They are reptiles and they feed on other living things, they live on land and some of them live in water. They are oviparous (they hatch from eggs).

Nathalia Acosta Villalba

It is called a wild pig. It is about 1,5 m and is usually brown.

Samuel García Baonza

It is a pig. It is a vertebrate and a mammal. It has four legs. It has fur. It is viviparous and drinks her mother's milk. It breathes with its lungs. It is pink.

Laura Bujosa Del Río

This is a flamingo. It is a vertebrate and a bird." "It lives in water and on land. Its feathers are pink and red. It has 2 legs and a break. It is a big bird.

Hugo Alberdi

This is a fish. They are of many colours (blue, white, orange...). It is a vertebrate animal. They live in the sea and they eat plankton.

Valeria Gómez Orriols

It is called a fish. There are many types of fish of many colours. It is a vertebral and has got a soft body. It lives in the sea and eats other fish, molluscs and plankton. They are oviparous, they breathe with their gills and their bodies are covered with scales.

Juan Pastor Lara

It is called a fish and it is usually grey. It is a vertebrate, lives in the sea and eats plankton.

Diego Enrich

Fish. They have fins and their bodies are covered with scales. They are oviparous. They breathe with their gills.

Marco Gianelli

This is a fish. It has got fins, scales and it lives in the sea.

Marta Torres Muñiz

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