All about Marc Brown By: Mack Alspaugh

Marc Brown was born in Erie, Pennsylvania on November 25, 1946. He started his passion for drawing at a young age of 6 when he created pictures for his grandmother Thora who was his main supporter. Once graduating high school at McDowell Senior High School he attended Cleveland Institute of Art. His goal in life was to become a children's literature author. Though everything didn't plan out like he wanted to after he graduated college...

Now Marc lives at Pilot Hill Farm on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. This far is in the middle of over 100 acres of conservation land, which makes it very quiet most of the time. In Marc's first marriage with Stephanie Marini they had two sons, Tolon Adam and Tucker Eliot Brown. They got a divorce in 1977 after getting married in 1968. In his second marriage with Laurie Krasny they have one daughter, Eliza Morgan. Laurie and Marc got married in 1983 and are still married to this day.

Laurie Kransy Brown

In Marc's free time he enjoys visiting schools to help with students as well as giving lectures. He enjoys this because it lets him connect with his readers and it allows him to find material for his writing.

Marc created al of the Arthur children's books. He came about Arthur when he was reading a bedtime story to his son. This story then became known as Arthur's Nose. Marc creates his books from past history in his old classroom and visiting school. Many of the characters are of his children's experiences, their friends, and children that he visits in schools.

Marc Brown's trademark was the Arthur series. He made many books and was able to create an Arthur television show. It has become a series that helps educate young children and to show the relationship between education, friends, reading, and especially fun.

“There are wonderful ideas for stories all around all you have to do is keep your eyes and your ears open. It might be something that happens at home with your sister. It might happen in your classroom. It might be on the bus. I feel envious of kids, because they are right in the middle of it, while I have to try and remember!"

“My ideas have to germinate a long time before they come together in a book. I depend on drawers full of scraps of stories, bits of dialogue, quick drawings, titles, concepts. At any one time there are probably 100 ideas in the drawer, not all of them good. Sometimes just one small part of a drawing, one line of a vignette is usable.”


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