Male Condom By Luis and pablo

The Condom is a Barrier from the sperm going to the egg

1. The first thing to check on the condom is the packaging to see if it is damaged, and also check the use by date to make sure it's not expired, and if it is throw it away and get a new one.

2. Make sure to pinch the teet at the tip so there is no air so it dose not break and so when you ejaculate it has a place to go, and if there is air between the penis and condom it can cause it to break as well.

3. After ejaculating quickly remove the condom and wrap it in tissue and throw it away in the trash bin.

Do you need a prescription?

1. No you don't need a prescription you can usually buy these at a turkey hill or cvs and even Walgreens.

Does a Condom protect you from infection

The answer is yes it protects your form STI and HIV etc.

If you would like to buy a box of condom it will cost you 15.99 for just a box and for just one condom it cost 0.99 cents.

Its 98% percent effective

1- the condom is more affordable because you can find a condom in almost every store.

2- And for my opinion the condom is much easier because you don't need a prescription and it's better to use with birth Control

What are the advantages/benefits to using your method

1. Condoms are effective against stds

2. Condoms don't cost much and are convenient

3. Condoms do not cause any side effects

What are the disadvantages or side effects of condoms

1. Some people are allergic to latex and or spermicide

2. Condones may feel weird and may take some getting used to

3. The condom might break during sex

Additional information we think is important

You need to use a new condom every time you have sex

Additional resource links

Planned parenthood/learn/condom

Advocates for youth>841-Condom

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