Fashion Two Digital Portfolio: By katelyn osborne

Housing Project:

In this project we used craft supplies to allow ourselves to familiarize with technical terminology and visuals of what helps contribute to the overall foundation of a house.

Stitch Booklet:

Our stitch booklets consisted of several pieces of small fabric. On each fabric samples we were able to practice several different thread and stitch styling to prepare us for advanced projects such as our barbie outfits.

Designer Replica:

Our assignment was to pick any famous clothing designer of our choice and do research on the individual and to provide a replica of one of their signature designs and/or outfits. I personally picked Bonnie Cashin, a 60s designer, who gave a new sense of freedom in the fashion world for women. This was due to many of her designs created for function and comfort.

Fabric Testing (packet pages):

The Fabric Testing Lab was beneficial to fashion two students in many ways. Within this experiment/project, we collected several sample of fabrics such as; nylon, acetate, cotton, silk etc. When experimenting, we put the durability of these fibers to the test by, stretching them when we and when ironed. We also completed several stain tests and burning test, which are beneficial when doing everyday things such as laundry.

Weaving Project:

Prior to taking on our difficult sewing tasks such as the model replica, we were assigned to weave yarns in several patters. The three different sections are: 1:1, 2:2, and 3:1. These various weaving patterns allowed us to generate a feel of what actually occurs to bind fibers together in our everyday clothing.

Cosmetic Bag:

Our cosmetic makeup bag project was overall insightful yet easy. For this project we took two fat quarters and cut out batting to fit the quarters. Then we machine sewed diagonal lines to create a quilt finish. This allowed students to learn other easy methods of quilting, which was challenging yet rewarding with how cute our bags turned out.

Shirt Dress:

In this project fashion two students selected a fabric for a skirt and then purchased a top to sew onto the skirt. The skirt was made from the fabric alone, with some elastic to make the dress comfy but add to the overall appearance.

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