Intro to Digital Photography P1-14 The story of my daily life

  • I like photography because I can share not only the image but also the moments, time, and feelings with people.
  • The picture's type is classified as scenery image. I took this picture by using the composition, rule of thirds, and I edited it to make the picture better by changing the contrast and shadow. Also the objects' reflection on the surface of the water makes this picture interesting.

Final Project


What I basically did is to decide which part of the picture I focus on. The flowers, for instance, there's a couple of flowers in one picture so I decided which part of it I would focus and make clear. And another thing is that I tried to use an easy composition style even though I was taking pictures from the category; Framing or spiral. I tried to use rule of thirds because it's pretty easy .


I cropped some of them and I changed temperature, contrast, clarity, highlights and vibrance. The local edit I made is graduation filter and radical filter. So in the picture of couples you can see the contrast which is becoming gradually darker from each corner. And in the pictures of flowers you can see the contrast of brightness between the main object and others.

winter brake

First semester final project

Photo flame: (before)I used the flashlight right behind the camera with Rule of thirds and Back ground, and took a picture with a camera position that is set at the same height. (after)I cropped it and changed highlights, contrast, and clarity. Christmas tree: (before)I used the sunshine which breaks through the windows with Rule of thirds. (after)I changed temperature, contrast, clarity, and vibrance. so we can see the contrast which is becoming gradually darker from upper left to bottom right.
Before the thanksgiving day. I used the composition style, Leading lines. I tried to capture the wind, the temperature, and warmth of this moment. I also controlled the contrast and clarity to emphasize what I tried to capture.
During the thanksgiving. I took this picture focusing the sun. The ray of light makes this picture more fanciful.
After the thanksgiving. I took the picture of the Christmas tree daringly from the outside of the house. I edited the contrast, highlight, and vibrance of this picture to make the ornaments clearly.
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