Lewis and Clark An Epic Journey by Carlos Gomez

In the expedition of the newly acquired land of Louisiana, Lewis and Clark used the new found waterway, the Missouri river, as a way of transportation into the Ohio river. They started from St. Louis and ended up at the Pacific Ocean.

In this expedition of Lewis and Clark, they were many people that were important to the exploration. For example, Thomas Jefferson here was the one to have told Meriwether Lewis to gather a crew and go on the expedition.

Another key person to this exploration was none other than Meriwether Lewis. He was a member of the state militia and became captain of the army, and of course, he is one of the leaders of the expedition.

William Clark played a major role in the expedition. Not only was he one of the leaders of it, but before he was a U.S soldier and explorer, which gave him the upper advantage.

Sacagawea had more of an empowerment effect of the exploration. She was an interpreter and the only woman that was in the exploration. She interpreted the language of shoshone.

Richard Wartinton was not displayed in the glideshow due to lack of images. However, he also played a role in the expedition. He was responsible for the return party of the expedition

During this journey, Lewis and Clark accomplished many of their goals. They established a peaceful relationship with the natives, found a waterway to the pacific, and of course, they explored the newly acquired land.

With accomplishments, hardships and obstacles follow as well. Lewis and Clark and their group had to face harsh weather, encountered new and ambitious predators, and illnesses.

Along the way of the journey, many new animal species were discovered. As many as one hundred. To name a few, they discovered the coyote, the grizzly bear, and the mountain goat, the bull snake, the american raven, etc.

Grizzly Bear
Mountain Goat

On the exploration, Lewis and Clark came very much prepared. They brought brought axes, rifles, boats, etc.






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