GROOVY GRAMMAR GALS <3 Emma, gowri, and Madhur

Hey guys, we're the Groovy Grammar Gals, and we focus on direct and indirect objects! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @groovygramgals, and we hope you like our presentation! Remember you can not access Instagram on your school computer so follow us by using your phone or your home computer.

Our Instagram was one way that we promoted our campaign. Here are some screenshots of some of our work:

Some of our Screenshots
Ryan Gosling likes indirect and direct objects

Throughout our project we had colorful and funny pictures that we used to educate people on our topic in a fun way!

The first type of presentation that we're going to do is teach you indirect and direct objects through a slideshow.

We wrote some questions on the board. This was one of our ways that we presented our information

Here is a fun worksheet to practice this subject:

KAHOOT TIME! - Top five winners get a prize...

In addition we also will hang posters up that promote our subject


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