Pedro Janamejoy Caturra & Colombia, honey - narino, colombia

Quick Facts

Producer: Pedro Janamejoy

Country: Colombia

Region: Pedregal, Aponte, Narino

Elevation: 2120 MASL

Variety: Caturra, Variedad Colombia

Process: Honey

Harvest: August - November / March - May


Pedro is a member of the Inga indigenous community in Pedregal, Aponte. Pedro, like many of his neighbors decided to begin processing honey coffees looking for better prices four years ago.

Today, Pedro does half of his crop honey and half fully washed. Since honey processed coffees require more space and time to dry, during the peak of harvest he must fully wash coffees in order to keep up with is farms production.

Flavor Notes

Citrus, Tropical Fruit, Floral

The intense flavors of this coffee are largely impacted by perfect cherry selection, good processing and ideal weather conditions for specialty coffee production at Pedro's farm. Located in the Aponte village deep in the Juanambu canyon, this area has clearly defined wet and dry seasons which make it ideal for the production of honey coffees.

Processing Information


Pedro is highly focused on creating quality coffee. He as well as many of his neighbors decided to start creating honey processed coffees in 2015 in order to increase the value of his coffee. Many times, this can create a false sense of value when not properly executed.

For Pedro's coffee, this is not the case. His honey processed coffees consistently provides a more complex and intense cup.

Regional Informaton

Aponte, Narino

The Aponte village is located far into the Juanambu canyon in Narino. The coffees here are produced by the Inga, the indigenous community that made up the northernmost part of the Inca Empire. The Inga colonized the southern part of Colombia late in the 14th century a bit prior to the arrival of the Spanish.

Land and farms for that matter are communal and the town is governed by a "cabildo", or a group of elders who make sure that the communities ancestral laws and traditions are upheld.