Does Dressing Well Impact Confidence? Self-Designed exhibit #2


I've heard the term "dress for success" all my life, but mostly for important occasions such as job interviews. However, could dressing up just for everyday activities make a difference psychologically? As someone that loves to look into the "inner mind", I believe that how you dress affects how you carry yourself. Therefore, how you dress will affect how you go throughout your day.


Similar to my breakfast experiment, I'm going to take this on a two-week basis. During the first week, I'll be wearing my "regular" attire of jeans/tee shirts. After that, I'll switch that outfit out for some more "classy" button down shirts and khakis. Just like the breakfast experiment, I'll be taking note of anything out of the ordinary that I feel/do.

Week 1 Results

Since I didn't really change anything, I didn't feel much. There were a few times that I felt under-dressed (for some events outside of Clemson classes), but nothing too uncomfortable. In addition, I haven't shaved in a while, so I really do have the stereotypical college look of bummy clothes and a slightly-longer-than-respectable beard.

Week 2 Results

I'm not entirely sure how to explain how this felt, in all honesty. Dressing up and shaving definitely made me feel different, but it wasn't all good. While I got several good comments on the change of wardrobe, I found myself dreading having to iron clothes early in the morning or at night when I just wanted a little more sleep. I did feel more "presentable", but there is something about choosing your own wardrobe that defines the person, I think.


This was kind of a mixed bad for me. While it was kind of fun to play around with my wardrobe, I didn't really enjoy it as much I thought I would. Having to devote time to ironing clothes and worry about spilling things on it was more stressful than anything else. Looking slightly more professional didn't really seem worth the sleep I could have been getting, and there weren't that many occasions where I felt dressing up was worth it. In the future, I think I'll stick to seriously dressing up in a suit on Sundays like I usually do and just taking my wardrobe a day at a time, adjusting when I need to. As mentioned earlier, a person's wardrobe is part of who they are, and I've learned that I'm not really a "preppy" person. I felt much more comfortable in jeans and tee shirts than I ever did in button down. If I was to do this experiment again, I might try dressing up more for tests and seeing if that affects my psyche.


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