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Awareness & Introduction

UTSA is closely monitoring the coronavirus outbreak globally and is receiving guidance from The University of Texas System, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and international governments and health agencies. Please visit the coronavirus update webpage for the most recent news regarding our campus.

The goal of Academic Innovation is to support both faculty and students during this discontinuation of face-to-face courses. Strategies for ensuring continuity of teaching and course material delivery are below.

Moving Your Content Online

1) Attend a webinar or workshop

2) Enroll in the Blackboard Essentials Training Course

This is an open course in Blackboard designed to teach faculty some of the essential tools we recommend utilizing in your online course.

You may enroll in this course today and have access the content. The course will officially begin Friday, March 13th.

3) Setup your technology

University Technology Services has identified tools in place for the UTSA community to facilitate getting their work done from home or any off-campus location.

Make sure your computer has one of the recommended web-browsers for increased Blackboard compatibility. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are recommended, free, and available for Apple's Mac OS, Windows PCs, and most mobile devices.

Updating your Computer. It's important that your computer is kept up to date. If you use a UTSA issued laptop or tablet, please bring it on campus and connect to our network so it can be updated. It should be noted that this process may take a few hours depending on the number of updates that need to be installed. Please contact University Technology Solutions at x5555 or techcafe@utsa.edu if you require assistance.

4) Communicate with your students

  • Inform your students how you prefer to communicate with them and how often you will be checking your course and messages.
  • Blackboard Learn. Blackboard is UTSA's Learning Management System (LMS). All UTSA courses have an online Blackboard shell that allow instructors to post course materials, engage students, and promote collaboration. Some tools to help you communicate in Blackboard are Announcements and Course Messages.
  • Blackboard Collaborate. With Collaborate, you can offer virtual office hours sessions.

NOTE: Make sure your course is accessible for all students.

5) Share a digital version of your syllabus and schedule

  • Upload the latest version of your syllabus and schedule in Blackboard.
  • Blackboard Learn. Using the content folder inside your Blackboard course, Select Build Content > File, and select your syllabus for upload.

6) Plan an alternative for your face-to-face lessons

  • Convert your handouts into PDF files, make your Power Point files available in Blackboard, record narrated Power Point files, record a video lesson, or record your lessons and make them available in Blackboard.
  • Blackboard Learn. Upload your PowerPoints or any useful files to the content area of Blackboard.
  • Blackboard Collaborate. Collaborate is available for all UTSA courses and allows you to record video lessons or hold synchronous online sessions with your students.
  • Panopto. With Panopto, instructors and students can record video, screen capture, and publish your media to Blackboard. Panopto is a secure environment that can only be accessed by the UTSA community.
  • Youtube. Access the Youtube Studio and upload your videos to share them on Blackboard with your students.

7) Collect students work and provide feedback

  • Move your quizzes and exams into Blackboard Learn.
  • Create a discussion board to support student interaction in Blackboard.
  • Build your assignments in Blackboard and use the available resources to prevent plagiarism.
  • Schedule Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions for individual or group presentations.
  • Get familiar with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite or Office 365 to have your students create their assignments.
  • Review the Instructor Knowledge Base for Blackboard for additional video tutorials and documentation.

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Help & Faculty Support

Still have questions? Our support is available to help. Please, be sure to review all of the resources posted above. If you still require assistance, contact us using one of the options below.

By Email:

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  • 210-458-4520
  • Monday - Friday
  • 7:30am - 6:00pm


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