One Book One School Professional Development

• What is a OBOS program?

• How will the students will benefit from this program?

• Describe how the OBOS program will be incorporated into the school.

• Inform teachers of their responsibilities.

• Provide resources for teachers to effectively implement this program into their classrooms.

• Provide literacy strategies for teachers and students.

• Briefly talk about The Hunger Games.

Science Lesson Plan- Genetically Modified Organisms

Read aloud- Ch. 22

*Focus Question- What does GMO stand for?

*Direct Instruction- GMO's

*Collaborate- create your own definition of GMO

*Making connections to the book- Jabberjay and Mockingjay

*Partner research time- pros and cons t-chart

*Create your own GMO and its hybrid

*Decision time- decide where you stand on the subject of GMO's and use support from your research and the lesson.

ELA Lesson Plan – Persuasive Letter

*Students will create a short persuasive letter (3-4 paragraphs) to President Snow

*Students will convince President Snow to end the Hunger Games by using information from the text to support their reasoning

*Students will collaborate with their peers to formulate ideas for their letter before they begin writing independently

*This is a writing workshop, and the letter is to be completed by the end of the 75-minute class period

*Students are provided with a rubric outlining the expectations for this writing piece

Math Lesson Plan - Functions

*Students will be able to: define the term, function, identify and evaluate the function that represents the number of times each name appears in the Hunger Games lottery according to age, and create a graph that represents the data from the evaluated function.

*Pre-Assessment: Students will demonstrate their understanding of a function by writing the definition and providing an example by either drawing a generic table or graph.

*Teacher Led, Group Discussion about what each variable in the function represents.

*Post-Assessment: Students will create a graph that represents the data that they collected from the evaluated function.

Math Lesson Plan 2- Proportions

*Students will work on graphing given data.

*Students will be finding the mean, median, mode and range.

*Students will practice labeling a graph.

*Students will work as a class, in small groups, and independently

Field trip to The Hunger Games PREMIERE!

The purpose of going to see The Hunger Games is to stimulate class discussion of comparing the book to the movie. Furthermore, each content area will connect the movie content to their subject area.

The schedule for the day will be as follows:

11:00 am load buses

11:15 am pull off parking lot

11:30 am arrive at movie theater

12:00 pm the movie will start playing

2:30 pm the movie will end

2:45 pm load buses and leave theater parking lot

3:00 pm arrive back at school


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