The Elevator Bride by emily eidl

Anxiousness in all white, runs in panic struggling to make it to her wedding on time. With the elevator having the longest line and the stairs being closed off she had no other option other than to beg and plead to cut the line.

In sudden thought she ran to the front desk and asked if there was any other way other than the elevator in which she could get to the ball floor. The manager could tell by her sweaty sprayed up hair and her melted makeup that she was in desperate need.

He showed her to the back room, which had an employees only elevator. As he pressed the button, the elevator was already at the bottom, as it had not been in use for a while. Without thought she ran inside and the man from the front desk walked back.

As the elevator rose, her heart pounded...louder than the screeching of the cables pulling on the top of the elevator. Halfway up the building, the screeching of the cables had stopped and the floor numbers kept on the number 13. She was trapped, with her phone being left in her room, and the power being out completely in the elevator.

Scared for her life she knew she had to find a way to get out. She could only imagine how much time she has before the ceremony starts, even more than that, how long she was going to be stuck in there.

She pushed all the buttons, and cried for help but no one could hear her...until, she looked up. There was an exit at the top of the elevator, she had climbed up to it, and pulled herself up using the cables. There was nothing but long narrow emptiness looking up and air shafts to the right and left of her. She went right into the dusty air shaft and climbed through it, only to find herself at a dead end.

As she was climbing back to the elevator the shaft began to shake and she had fallen through onto somebody's bed in a hotel room. Her joy of making it out beat the embarrassment that she had at that moment from the young couple being in the room. They were in so much shock, all they did was stare, silently.

Without saying anything, she ran out. Running with relief she barged out of the hotel room and ran towards the stairs, which happened to be open on her floor. She finally made it to the twenty fifth floor, just in time for the ceremony, with everyone unaware of what had just happened.

As she walked down the aisle and stood up onto the stage to get married. She looked at the audience, only to see in the front row was the manager from the front desk. Sitting on her fiance's side dressed in an all black tuxedo with a huge smirk on his face.


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